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Photo-A-Day Project: {Day 144}

I know day by day its ruining your teeth, but I’m sorry – look how cute you are! You napped for 3 hours today…I had to go in and wake you up..and even with the sound of my camera you didn’t flinch.

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Photo-A-Day Project: {Day 143}

“Red Solo cup…I lift you up – lets have a party”! We went to do some shopping after dance class this morning, and lookie what we found. You guys are SO amazed that we have actual red solo cups in our house! Ahh the simple things.

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Photo-A-Day Project: {Day 142}

Snapped a little picture of the two of you sharing so nicely while watching a little youtube cartoon as Im cleaning up the kitchen from supper. LOVE it when you get along so nicely like that…I wish it happened more frequently

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Photo-A-Day Project: {Day 141}

Big smiles that you got to go play at Rhonda’s house today since I was parent helper at Autumn’s school. You love love love going there

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Photo-A-Day Project: {Day 140}

Having a little snuggle time with Daddy after he got home from work. You were missing him alot today.

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